Rumor of the Day: Final Dark Knight Rises scene will be VFX only

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Kevin Coll
Dec 15, 2012

A rumor popped up today regarding director Christopher Nolan using VFX—and VFX only—in the final scenes of The Dark Knight Rises. This is one of those rumors that, if true, could get some to worry about the film's quality. Could TDKR end the way Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy ended?

Latino Review brought the rumor to attention after a source told them "the ending sequence is so secret that only 5 (include Nolan) know it and will be done completely in VFX."

Feeling a sense of dread yet? Well, "Why So Serious?" VFX is not just solely computer-generated imagery—it can also include animatronics and models as well. So don't go thinking Nolan will "Michael Bay up" his film. Nolan has always been commended by how practical his films are in showing the caped crusader throughout Gotham but VFX have been used in the previous films, so this rumor may not be frenzy-worthy ... but you'll have to make your own call.

Speculation is that the final scene in question will involve the Batwing (pics of it have made their way around the net). Other thoughts suggest the crumbling of Gotham, as we saw in the teaser trailer. This wouldn't be the first time that Nolan has ended a film using VFX, though. The Dark Knight featured VFX produced by BUF, a company that was tasked to make the sonar waves from Batman's spy vision work, among other things for the film. For Batman Begins, Nolan used Rising Sun Pictures to create VFX shots mixed with the Tumblr scenes in the film. Perhaps this is how we will see the Batwing used in the final film.

Take this rumor with a grain of salt, but don't be put out by the vague nature of the comment "all VFX," as Nolan showed us in Inception the scale and capability of how he used VFX in a practical way. He also seems to like to evolve on what he learned from a previous film and interject that into his next one.

Do you think an "all-VFX" final scene for The Dark Knight Rises ruins the integrity of the film?