Strong Female Characters #5: all about gay icons and your favorite Star Wars ship

Dec 27, 2017

We've got a late Christmas gift to take you into the new year. That's right, we care about you so much that we've spent our holiday season painstakingly crafting another glorious episode of our FANGRRLS podcast, Strong Female Characters, all to delight your earholes as you flip 2017 the bird and gallop into 2018 on your golden rainbow unicorn (NOTE: unicorn not included in the podcast).

This week, hosts Cher Martinetti and Preeti Chhibber are joined by io9's Charles Pulliam Moore to talk all about gay icons and your new favorite Star Wars ship. And no, we're not talking about the Millennium Falcon.

P.S. Go check out superstar artist Rhys Bobo (@homoingrained on Twitter), whose Finn/Poe art we erroneously used in an earlier draft of this post.

Below is just one sample of Rhys' amazing work, but there is way, way more on Rhys' site. Go support Rhys!

Strong Female Characters is a new show that is co-hosted by Fangrrls managing editor Cher Martinetti and contributing editor Preeti Chhibber. Join them each week as they draw parallels between their favorite female characters in genre and their potential real-life counterparts. Through smart and funny convos, Cher, Preeti and a different guest will talk about the latest involving girl geeks, dissect oft-used tropes, talk representation in media, and laugh a lot.

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