New Hunger Games trailer: More action, more emotion, more fire

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Dec 16, 2012

Are you as hungry for The Hunger Games as we are? You will be after you see the latest trailer. Our appetite is definitely whetted for more.

This trailer has some action, but mostly it focuses on the characters and some serious dramatic tension. Katniss volunteers and begs her friend Gale to help her sister and mother: "Don't let them starve." (Death from starvation is more of a threat to the citizens of Panem's District 12 than any game.) And Katniss' male counterpart, Peeta, is determined to die on his own terms.

Best of all, we get an oh-so-brief glimpse of the awesome Cinna, Katniss' stylist with a heart of gold ... and maybe, just maybe, a secret of his own.

March 23 can't get here soon enough. But until then, we have the books to keep us company. Oh, and this awesome trailer ...

(via ComingSoon)