The panicky TDKR moment Gary Oldman thought would get him killed

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Dec 16, 2012

We've seen photos, trailers and even a few viral clues, yet much of The Dark Knight Rises remains shrouded in layers of that legendary Christopher Nolan mystery. The cast and crew have stayed mostly quiet about the flick, but co-star Gary Oldman says there was a moment when he thought he'd ruined the whole thing.

Speaking to press at the Empire Awards over the weekend, Oldman said he once experienced 20 minutes of full-blown spoilery freakout when he realized he couldn't find his copy of the Dark Knight Rises script in his hotel room.

"I was in a panic for 20 minutes," Oldman said. "I thought, 'Where the hell have I put it?' It had my name on it. They would have killed me."

We can imagine Oldman tearing his hotel room apart looking for the closely guarded document in a scene reminiscent of his performance in The Professional. Thankfully, it didn't come to that.

"I'd gone out for dinner, and I had put it in the room between the mattress and the bed, because I couldn't scrunch it into the safe," Oldman said. "I was half-thinking about something else and shoved it there."

As Oldman himself puts it, the script was "the worst one to lose." Lucky for him, he didn't really lose it, but the incident did give him a chance to shed some light on the extreme measures taken to keep the details of Dark Knight Rises' plot—especially the ending—secret.

"When he [Nolan] gives the script out, it doesn't have the ending," Oldman said. "Characters sometimes change, or their names change. And you have to go to the studio to read it."

With that in mind, it's not clear exactly what, if anything, would have been spoiled if someone had made off with Oldman's script. Still, reading something like this would make the life of a nerdy hotel maid a little more interesting.

(via BBC)