TV THIS WEEK: Being Human heats up, a time-bending Fringe and more!

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Dec 16, 2012

Winter may be digging in bigtime, but at least we can cozy up with vampire and werewolf action on Being Human, more hot vamps on The Vampire Diaries and some time-twisting fringe science on ... well... Fringe.

Also this week, Rebecca and Doc take on a bank robber on Alcatraz, Bo goes undercover to find a missing college girl on Lost Girl, TAPS hunts spirits at a bed and breakfast on Ghost Hunters, Leonard considers ending his friendship contract with a selfish Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, things get explosive for Cassie in the love department on The Secret Circle, it's Archer and the crew on a train on Archer, things get dicey for Sam and Dean on Supernatural, it's a whole new take on Hansel and Gretel on Grimm, King Arthur kills the wrong man on Merlin, and we find out the aftermath of Paul's accident on The Fades.

Here's what we have to look forward to this week on sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal and spy-fi TV.

Monday, Jan. 30

Alcatraz (Fox) 9 p.m. - "Cal Sweeney"

A bank robber is up to his old ways, and Rebecca is tasked with keeping his Alcatraz secret from being exposed. How do you feel about this show so far? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Here's a preview:

Being Human (Syfy) 9 p.m. - "All Out of Blood"

Aidan discovers a secret from his new girlfriend's past, and Josh and Nora struggle to get through another werewolf change together.

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Lost Girl (Syfy) 10 p.m. - "Sorority"

It's more Fae fun as Bo and Kenzi go undercover at a college to locate a missing student. Somehow you just know the Fae are going to be involved.

Here are a look and a sneak peek:

Wednesday, Feb. 1

Ghost Hunters (Syfy) 9 p.m. - "Dead & Breakfast"

TAPS probes a Tennessee bed and breakfast for guests of the paranormal variety.

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Face Off (Syfy) 10 p.m. - "Night Terrors"

After a visit to an abandoned hospital in L.A., the contestants are asked to create an original horror villain.

Here's a preview:

Thursday, Feb. 2

The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 8 p.m. - "The Friendship Contraction"

Could this be the end of the Friendship Contract? When Sheldon's selfish demands become unbearable, Leonard re-evaluates their friendship. Meanwhile, Wolowitz tries to think up an astronaut nickname he can give himself.

Here's a preview:

The Vampire Diaries (The CW) 8 p.m. - "Bringing Out the Dead"

Damon arranges a meeting with Elijah, while Klaus hosts a dinner party and gets an unexpected guest. Meanwhile Sheriff Forbes has troubling news for Alaric and Elena regarding a murder weapon.

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The Secret Circle (The CW) 9 p.m. - "Medallion"

The Circle faces the possibility that the witch hunters might return. Meanwhile, get ready for some dark magic when Cassie's feelings for Adam and Jake erupt at a birthday party.

Here's a preview:

Person of Interest (CBS) 9 p.m. - "Root Cause"

Finch and Reese learn they may be under surveillance themselves. Meanwhile, Zoe returns to help with the case of an unlucky person of interest.

Here's a look:

Archer (FX) 10 p.m. - "The Limited"

Archer is on a mission with the ISIS team on a train. What could possibly go wrong? We'll find out when the team hooks up with the Mounties to transport a Canadian terrorist who's been captured.

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Friday, Feb. 3

Fringe (Fox) 9 p.m. - "Making Angels"

The Alt-Fringe team joins forces with their counterparts to track down a killer with a toxic weapon that may be from another time.

Here's a preview:

Supernatural (The CW) 9 p.m. - "The Slice Girls"

Sam and Dean go on the hunt when bodies pop up that are branded and have their hands and feet severed. Meanwhile, things get really weird for Dean after a tryst with a girl in a bar.

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Grimm (NBC) 9 p.m. - "Organ Grinder"

How about a little Hansel and Gretel? In this fractured fairy tale, Nick and Hank investigate a case involving a creature that sells human organs on the Grimm black market, and two homeless siblings are right in the thick of things.

Here's a look:

Merlin (Syfy) 10 p.m. - "Her Father's Son"

It looks like it's war for Camelot when King Arthur faces off against Queen Annis from the neighboring kingdom of Caerleon after killing her husband.

Here's a preview:

Other Friday shows of interest:

On CBS's A Gifted Man (8 p.m.), Michael saves a man from drowning in "In Case of Blind Spots." On the CW's Nikita (8 p.m.), it's decision time for Nikita when she must choose between Oversight hostages or going after the Guardians. On the Cartoon Network there are new episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (8 p.m.) and Generator Rex (8:30 p.m.). On Starz' Spartacus: Vengeance (10 p.m.), Spartacus and his men free a Roman villa and Lucretia claims to be seeing prophecies in "A Place in This World." And on G4's Blade (11 p.m.), the vampire hunter locates his mentor and devises a rescue plan in "That Was Then, This Is Now."

Saturday, Feb. 4

The Fades (BBC America) 9 p.m. - "Episode 4"

Paul's life hangs in the balance after the accident, and the Angelics go to war with each other. Meanwhile, a mysterious man arrives in town.

Here's a look:

What are you going to watch?