Watch: Daredevil's history in 2 minutes

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Daredevil may now be a major TV star, anchoring the Marvel Netflix set of shows that culminates in The Defenders, but his humble origins as just another kid splashed with radioactive waste can't be forgotten. Luckily, SYFY WIRE is here to remind you.

From his yellow-costumed days to a reinvention at the HAND of Frank Miller (See what we did there? Hand? Because of the ninjas? The Hand? Get it?) and a modern mix of noir and superheroes that just about no other character can pull off, Daredevil has seen his ups and downs. Still, he remains a pillar of Marvel Comics -- and, even more so now, a pillar of Marvel TV.

In the video below, we take you through the history of Daredevil in just two minutes. That means we're skipping some of the particulars, but listen, if all you take away from the video are the names of the amazing creators who have shaped his history and you go start looking up their awesome stories, you won't be disappointed.

Marvel's The Defenders premieres worldwide on Netflix on August 18.

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