WATCH: How Ed Piskor convinced Marvel to publish X-Men: Grand Design

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Oct 22, 2017

Ed Piskor is taking the rich, convoluted X-Men history and compiling it to a limited series: X-Men Grand Design. Our very own Jordan Zakarin sat down with Piskor at New York Comic Con to talk about the manifestation of his dream project.

"It's a lot of editing," Piskor said.  "The idea is to take decades' worth of serialized monthly comics and turn it into a graphic novel with a beginning, middle, and ending.
I've internalized the material for my entire life, so I tell a lot of people that this is 35 years in the making.

"I read it for pleasure," Piskor commented on having to read every single X-Men issue. "People call it research, but I'm having a good time doing it. But I also want to have a productive existence, so a comic book is the manifestation of all that playing around."

"I certainly grew up and cut my teeth on X-Men comics," Piskor recounted. "When I first saw an X-Men comic — read it in first grade — I saw the name Chris Claremont writer and Dave Cockrum penciler. It let me know actual human beings made these things, so I always wanted to be a cartoonist."

This isn't the first time Piskor has taken what seems to be the impossible to words and pictures. The Pittsburgh-based cartoonist was awarded an Eisner award for his New York Times best-selling series — Hip Hop Family Tree. He's applying a similar formula from what he did with the history of hip-hop but using it on Marvel's mutant family tree.

Watch the whole interview and let us know what part of the X-Men history you enjoy the most in the comments below.


Additional reporting by Henry Barajas