Watch a guy draw Darth Vader using nothing but salt in 3 minutes

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Dec 15, 2012

The Internet is a massive nest of fan art, and if you look hard enough you can find everything from reimagined movie endings to the Joker making out with Reptar. (Seriously). But few pieces of fan art are as impressive as the work of Bashir Sultani, who crafts elaborate images of icons like Darth Vader ... using nothing but table salt.

In a series of videos posted on his YouTube channel), Sultani hunches over a matte black surface, shakes salt (some of it colored, most of it white) onto the black backdrop and then sculpts it into shape using what looks like little triangles of plastic. Through time lapse you can see his whole process in just under three minutes, as he works from top to bottom to create the image.

The Vader video is particularly impressive, because it makes excellent use of the black background, but the rest of the collection is no less fascinating. Sultani's other salt artworks include Link, Optimus Prime, Harry Potter and even an extremely detailed portrait of Albert Einstein. The work alone is impressive enough, but getting to watch the process, all those contrasted shapes emerging from the ghostly white salt, is what makes it addictive.

According to his YouTube homepage, Sultani takes requests. Who do you want to see him draw next?

(via Geekologie)