We asked, you answered: Here are your best #StarWarsRoguePlotlines tweets

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Mar 13, 2015

Star Wars dominated social media yesterday as soon as news broke about Star Wars Rogue, its first official spinoff. There's very few details about the new flick, but that doesn't mean there won't be endless amounts of specualtion and crazy rumors until the movie actually comes out. We figured we may as well kick things off early and see what Twitter thought some possible plotlines could be.

The crazier the better, and you guys did a banner job of coming up with some pretty funny stuff from pop culture mashups to possible crossovers. If we're being completely honest, some of it was so good we would be totally on board if it came true. Here are some of the favorites from the #StarWarsRoguePlotlines. Feel free to hop on Twitter and share yours!

Sean Bean is cast as Obi Wan. Comes back from the dead just to be killed again. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— Blastr (@syfywire) March 12, 2015

Idris Elba stars as Lando, who becomes the new James Bond. But in space. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— Cher (@thecherness) March 12, 2015

Star Wars Rogue One: All about the midichlorians, baby

— Aaron Sagers (@aaronsagers) March 12, 2015

"Chewbacca: Lost In New York" #StarWarsRoguePlotlines pic.twitter.com/72BS90MKiH

— Anita Flores (@anitajewtina) March 12, 2015

@syfywire #StarWarsRoguePlotlines @WilliamShatner finally gets a role in a JJ movie... pic.twitter.com/dhwqKrhur8

— Brandt Kofton (@Brandtkofton) March 12, 2015

The princess, the jedi, the scoundrel, the jawa and the nerd: can they be friends? Breakfast Club: Jedi Academy #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— Mr. Guilt (@MrGuilt) March 12, 2015

The Millennium Falcon reaches ludicrous speed. #SpaceballsReference #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— SirHellsing420 (@SirHellsing420) March 12, 2015

Han Solo names his penis Rogue One, hits on galactic girls. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— J-Mo (@snarkyremark) March 12, 2015

Obi-Wan Kenobi regenerates as a time-traveling wizard and travels in a spaceship with a young female companion. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— LoweryC (@loweryc) March 12, 2015

Han encounters Prince Hans frozen in carbonite, thaws him. Catch phrase "Good to have extra pair of Hans" is born. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— PaladinProject (@SirMikeTheGeek) March 12, 2015

Luke finds out he’s adopted and is really a Lannister. More sister drama. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— Amanda Sims (@AmandaSims) March 12, 2015

Luke hosts "So, You Think You're A Jedi". #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— PaladinProject (@SirMikeTheGeek) March 12, 2015

The rebellion builds a new clone army. And they're all of @tatianamaslany #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— Blastr (@syfywire) March 12, 2015

Han Solo asks for a team of hardcore badasses but ends up with the staff from the rebel Accounting dept. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines @syfywire

— Duncan MacMaster (@FuriousDShow) March 12, 2015

After the war, Wedge Antilles teams up with Boba Fett for an Odd Couple sitcom. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— Trent Moore (@trentm321) March 12, 2015

Chris Pratt on a speederbike riding with a herd of tauntauns. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines cc: @syfywire

— Kelly Knox (@kelly_knox) March 12, 2015

Nerdy moisture farmer Rick Moranis feeds Jawas to a bloodthirsty baby Sarlaac. It's a musical. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines @syfywire

— Chris Kaye (@thechriskaye) March 12, 2015

@syfywire Rogue One: Frozen Two: Hoth never bothered me anyway. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— Andrew Ruscil (@drewr15) March 12, 2015

Ewoks board the Millennium Falcon, multiply like crazy, eat poisoned food, uncover sinister plot. #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— Richard LeComte (@RichLeComte) March 12, 2015

THE RETURN OF JAR-JAR #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— Tom Bruno (@oodja) March 12, 2015

The Phantom of the Opera Menace #StarWarsRoguePlotlines

— CraigLivesHere (@CraigimusMax) March 12, 2015