We finally get to see those Prometheus aliens in tense new trailer

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Dec 17, 2012

We've heard a lot about how Ridley Scott's new sci-fi epic Prometheus is different from his seminal 1979 classic Alien. But with the latest trailer they're looking a lot more similar. Aliens!

Well, aliens—yes. But, not the classic xenomorph aliens we've been accustomed to over several decades of Alien sequels. Prometheus offers up a different flavor, with some humanoid style creatures, along with some weird little viper-style creepy crawlies.

It's definitely a different take on the concept, but once those things start attacking, this feels more and more like it will still have a fair share of that classic Alien DNA (no pun intended).

Check out the new trailer below:

Prometheus opens June 8. So, what did you think of the latest trailer?

(Via Comic Book Movie)