12 weird sci-fi statues you can buy for your garden

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Dec 14, 2012

Your typical garden gnome might be good enough for some people, but not for those of us here at SCI FI Wire. We need something a little more exciting on our lawns, something that makes more of a statement, something a bit more ... well ... sci-fi!

So when we saw the cement Yodas (above) that a savvy shopper spotted for sale this week in Raleigh, N.C., we realized just what we needed to liven up the yard. Here are some dinosaur, zombie and alien sculptures that will have you forgetting about bird baths forever.

The Zombie of Montclaire Moors


With Halloween around the corner, artist Alan Dickinson's life-sized zombie statue is just what you need to greet the undead who'll be shambling after your candy.

Alien Spaceship Lawn Figures


Two space travelers on an intergalactic voyage make an unexpected side trip, crash-landing in your flower bed. The spaceship is 9 inches tall, while the stranded alien duo stand 7 inches high.

Bigfoot, the Garden Yeti


Tired of seeing the elusive Bigfoot only in grainy videos? With this 28.5-inch-tall statue, you'll be able to study this mythical legend at your leisure.

The Dragon of Falkenberg Castle


Warn the neighbors away from your moat—or just off your lawn—with this three-piece sculpted dragon stretched out in your flower bed.

Raptor Skeleton


Turn your garden into an archaeological dig with this sun-bleached discovery from the Mesozoic Era. This raptor stretches more than 2 feet long, with weathered bones giving the appearance of an extinct reptile.



At 200 pounds, more than 7.5 feet tall and $3900, this giant Cthulhu statue isn't for everyone, but those who worship the Great Old One—and H.P. Lovecraft—won't want to be without it.



This cast stone concrete unicorn garden statue, more than 2 feet tall, is available in a variety of colors, each applied by hand ... which, if the legends are true, will be the hand of a virgin.

Dinosaur Bones


We're not sure what species of dinosaur died to leave us these humongous Jurassic fossils, but once you plant this 3-foot resin replica in your yard, feel free to play paleontologist and decide for yourself.

Roswell the Alien


Once you invite this E.T. into your garden, you won't have to head to Roswell, N.M., to search for grey aliens—now you can just look between the daffodils.

Extra-Terrestrial Sculpture


Artist Liam Manchester sculpted this nearly 2-foot-tall hand-painted alien, who seems to have come in peace. Just be sure to keep a close eye on your pink flamingos.

Evil Gnome-Be-Gone Garden Art


Want to make sure the world knows where you stand on garden gnomes? Use the whimsical steampunk robots from artist Fred Conlon's Gnome-Be-Gone series to banish those gnomes from your neighbor's lawns, yards and gardens.