Syfy Sync App

Syfy Sync for Phone and Tablets

Syfy Sync for Phone and Tablets

Syfy Sync is an app for your tablet or phone that takes all the "stuff" one does while watching TV - chatting through social media, looking up information on a show, watching video - and puts it in one place. AND offers more. 

By using Syfy Sync while watching a show, you are delivered contextual "extras" that directly relate to what you are watching. It may be a behind-the-scenes video of the scene you just watched, a  trivia quiz based on what you've seen, fun facts about the episode or never before seen photo or video. Plus, it connects with your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can chat about the show all the while.

You can use Syfy Sync for the upcoming season of Face Off - coming January 13 at 9/8c.

You can also sync past seasons of Being Human, Defiance, Face Off, Haven, Heroes of Cosplay and Warehouse 13. 

 The best part? You can use Syfy Sync anytime; it works with live and repeat viewings, DVR marathons, or episodes watched online or On Demand. 


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