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Rachel Nash
Ingrid is a hairdresser, part-time fortune-teller, enthusiastic genealogist and also the human incarnation of Snotra, the Norse Goddess of wisdom. Happily dating Johnson family oracle Olaf, Ingrid has a remarkably positive, upbeat take on life, but she's just one of those people who always tries to see the best in everyone. This propensity towards optimism is made even more remarkable when you discover that Ingrid is also a survivor.

About Rachel Nash

Rachel Nash, a drama teacher for over a decade, has appeared in more than 30 stage productions by the Auckland Theatre Company and Centrepoint Theatre and has appeared on television in The Cult, The Pretender, Shortland Street and Outrageous Fortune.

Rachel's film credits include Life Class, We're Here to Help, Jinx Sister, The Map Reader  and Matariki.