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Ben Barrington

Olaf is the Grandfather of the Johnson boys, father to their father. But as the human incarnation of Baldr, the Norse God of rebirth, Olaf starts afresh every new day. Even though Olaf in now in his 90s, he should theoretically still look 21. Except his lifestyle of surfing, drugs and alcohol means that he just gets old really really really slowly.

About Ben Barrington

After winning the award for Most Promising Newcomer at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards in 2002, Ben Barrington has gone on to star in a variety of film, television and theatre works. Ben's television credits includes seasons two and three of Outrageous Fortune, The Insider's Guide to Love, The Strip, Mataku and The Insider's Guide to Happiness.

He appeared in the Gibson Group telefeature, Eruption which aired on TV3 in 2010. He has starred in some impressive feature films, with roles in two of Peter Jackson's famed Lord of the Rings movies and in 2004's The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Ben also appeared in Jane Campion's miniseries Top of The Lake. Since graduating from drama school, Ben has also worked with the Maidment Theatre and Circa Theatre in the shows The Return, Gunsmoke and East.