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Eve Gordon
Stacey is an ex-emo cycle courier with an attitude not improved by being the human incarnation of Fulla, hand-maiden of the ever-elusive Frigg. Stacey continues her hand-maiden duties for Eva, even though she ended up being Hel and not Frigg as many expected.

About Eve Gordon

Eve Gordon graduated with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts in 2002 from UNITEC and is the co-director of her own theatre company, The Dust Palace. A highly trained and specialized silk aerialist and circus artist, Eve has taken on challenging physical roles in Cabaret, Burlesque As You Like It and The Sexy Recession Show.

Between shooting Season One and Two of The Almighty Johnsons, Eve co-directed and starred in the highly acclaimed stage production, Love and Money, and performed as an aerialist in Venus Is.

Eve's film credits include Peter Jackson's King Kong, Anguish and The Forgotten Mistake.