The Best of 2015: Our Favorite T'evgin Glares

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 07:00

No one can shoot daggers into your soul quite like Papa Omec.

When we last saw T'evgin, he was in quite a pickle as his rebellious (and then some) daughter Kindzi used his own drone technology against him, rendering him helpless and paralyzed as she gloated of her plans for a dread harvest.

For the first time, T'evgin's patented glare had a trace of fear in it, which has inspired us to take a look back at some of his more confident wide-eyed glowerings.

  1. "Why yes, it is a nice hat. Any other compliments?"

  2. You never forget your first Omec glare. This is from when he met Nolan and Amanda.

  3. Auditioning for the role of Count Orlok in Nosferatu.

  4. Enraged at the lynch mob that went after Kindzi. And that's only his first set of teeth.

  5. Basking in the blueish-purple glow of the good ship Tsuroz.

  6. Dramatic low-ish angle, with his daddy's shotgun.

  7. His second set of teeth. Beware them choppers.

  8. "I have something on my face? Come here and wipe it off."

  9. "Who over-watered the geraniums?!"

  10. More mega-teeth action to fuel your damn nightmares.

  11. "Clean your room."

  12. "I said, clean your room."

  13. "CLEAN. YOUR. ROOM."

  14. Oh, Nolan. Really?

  15. "Did I leave the oven on ...? Did I ..."

  16. "Oh God."


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