Joe Miller

Thomas Jane

An orphan, born and raised on Ceres Station in the Asteroid Belt, Miller pulled himself out of a life of petty crime to become a detective with Star Helix Security. Choosing to work for Star Helix meant working for Earth – the oppressors of Belters like himself – but at least it put him on the winning side. Miller has witnessed a lifetime of the horrible things people will do to each other out of greed, anger, lust, and desperation. He stopped trying to stem the tide of man’s depravity years ago, and is resigned to surviving as best he can. Despite the lack of rainy or sunny days in Ceres' subterranean colony, Miller wears a hat in defiance of the anti-Earth sentiments expressed by many of his fellow Belters.

About Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane had a breakout performance in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights. From there, he became a prominent face in several high-profile features, including Deep Blue Sea, The Punisher, The Mist and Dark Country, which he also directed.

Thomas played the lead role in HBO's hit sports drama 61 and the comedy-drama series Hung, for which he earned three Golden Globe nominations.

Other film credits include Dreamcatcher, I Melt With You and White Bird in a Blizzard.

You can follow Thomas on Twitter. @ThomasJane