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The Expanse Episodes


The final battle between Earth and Mars threatens the very future of humanity as a new monster is unleashed on Prospero Station.

Muntiny aboard the Thomas Prince could spell danger for Admiral Souther's men. Meanwhile, Prax's daughter is one step closer to being found

The Rocinante aids wounded Martian soldiers, while Avasarala debates risking her life to disseminate a key piece of evidence.

Life on Earth will never be the same after The U.N strategizes a costly ploy to gain advantage in the war against Mars.

It's déjà vu all over again as Holden answers an unexpected distress signal. Elsewhere, a mysterious captor hunts Bobby and Avasarala

The Rocinante crew deals with the fallout over Naomi's betrayal, while Avasarala and Bobbie plan a daring escape.