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The Expanse Episodes


It's déjà vu all over again as Holden answers an unexpected distress signal. Elsewhere, a mysterious captor hunts Bobby and Avasarala

The Rocinante crew deals with the fallout over Naomi's betrayal, while Avasarala and Bobbie plan a daring escape.


It's all-out war with the Protomolecule hybrid, while one secret and events on Venus alter things forever.

The hunt for the Protomolecule hybrid is on, while Avasarala and Bobbie walk into the lion's den.

One character drops a bombshell, one learns a startling truth and a seemingly alien enemy emerges. 

Harsh realities of future life on Earth are displayed, while the Roci crew are trapped in a dying station. 

As conspiracies unravel on Earth, desperate moves outside Jupiter result in tragedy.

The Rocinante crew embark on a new mission to stop the Protomolecule just as the unthinkable happens.

War hinges on one Martian’s choice between honesty and loyalty and a rogue Belter’s power play.

A dangerous new threat emerges outside Jupiter, while one lie threatens to destroy the Rocinante crew.