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The Expanse Escape Room

Like Puzzles? Like The Expanse? Going to San Diego Comic-Con? We got you fam!

The Expanse Escape Room combines the near-future world of The Expanse with a thrilling race against the clock to escape from a dangerous spacecraft. You and your fellow operatives must recover a sample of the dangerous but invaluable “Protomolecule” before time runs out and your derelict spaceship suffers a total systems failure.  With actual props from the set of The Expanse, authentic prizes awarded to escapees, and personalized Expanse cinemagraphs for all attendees; The Expanse Escape Room is the closest you and your friends can get to joining the crew of the Rocinante.

It’s fun. It’s electrifying! And it’s totally free! The Expanse Escape Room will be open to the public over Comic-Con weekend—the evening of Wednesday, July 19th to Sunday, July 23rd—and is conveniently located across the street from the Convention Center in the lot between 2nd Avenue and J Street. Fans may enter the Escape Room on 2nd Avenue, between Island Street and J Street. Everyone is welcome; You don’t even need a Comic-Con badge to participate. Just bring your love of The Expanse and your sense of adventure.

And be sure to share your experience with The Expanse Escape Room with #TheExpanse to see your daring escape featured on our social wall.