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Get ready for a marriage, a kidnapping, a battle, a reunion, a goodbye and an unthinkable betrayal. 

A 500-year-old Niffin and a forest of intelligent trees cause trouble, while Julia’s revenge turns deadly.

What do a group of Magicians do when they need to defeat a God and save a kingdom? Rob a bank, of course.

Another kingdom threatens Fillory, while Julia's revenge plan hits pay dirt. Oh, and there's a Stinkmonster. 

A royal murder plot threatens the kingdom of Fillory, while Quentin is left in one heck of a cliffhanger.

While Quentin and Penny plot to catch the mythical White Lady, a blast from the past returns to help Julia.

The final showdown with The Beast is here, and not everyone survives.

To defeat The Beast, the gang need help from a Pixie and some cacodemons. Plus: Julia turns to an old enemy.

The Brakebills students become the new monarchs of the fantasy world of Fillory. More magic = more problems.