Total BlackoutTop 10 Total Blackouts

Top 10 Total Blackouts

8. The Blair Witch Project

This 1999 faux documentary about film students investigating a local legend was one of the first movies to implement the shaky, handheld camera style to frightening effect. With so much of the film shot at night, we could pick multiple scenes for this list, but the final climax in the dilapidated house takes the cake for its freak-out frenzy, lit only by the faint light from a video camera. Drawn by agonized screams, Mike and Heather enter the house looking for their missing friend, Josh. Thinking he hears something in the basement, Mike hurries down the steps, only to be attacked by an unseen force. Heather races to the basement where we see Mike standing face to the wall, briefly lit by her camera. Seconds later, Heather screams, her camera falls, and we're left in the silent darkness before the screen goes black. 

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