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Celebrity Blackout
Season 2 - Episode 16
Celebrity Blackout
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Ever wondered what celebrities look like in the dark? Trick question, you can't see them that way! This is Total Blackout: Celebrity Edition!

ERIN WAY - Actress best known for Alphas; Nickname: "Alpha Dog"; Playing for Lungevity
NEIL GRAYSTON - Actor best known for Eureka; Nickname: "S.A.R.A.H."; Playing for Doctors Without Borders
BOB GUINEY - TV Personality best known for The Bachelor; Nickname: "The Player"; Playing for Children's Hospital
AUBREY O'DAY - TV Personality best known for Making the Band; Nickname: "Lights-On O'Day"; Playing for Responsible Charity


The celebrities have a chance to win money for their chosen charities - up to $15,000 if they win all three challenges. Neil played a brainiac genius on Eureka, and it seems like that wasn't all acting, if you know what we mean, because he's using his powerful brain to indentify the mystery objects in front of him at lightning speed. Erin's coming in strong, too, and she's determined to fight hard to win a little something for Lungevity, an organization that works to end lung cancer. Aubrey's chosen organization, Responsible Charity, provides education to children in impoverished areas, and at the end of the challenge, she's pretty sure they're going to get a boost! Bob, we hate to be harsh, but we're not feeling good about your chances - we know you can't see right now, but you gotta focus, man! Don't front like this is your first time feeling around in the dark, "Player".

Back on stage with Jaleel, the contestants gear up for their scary jump onto the platforms - but no one falls through! Hah, gotcha, this is a charity game. What kind of meanies would we be if we eliminated do-gooders? Neil finished the challenge the fastest, so Doctors Without Borders gets $5,000 for this round, but the game's not over yet!


If you like the Bubble Helmet challenge but want more freedom, you'll love Head Cases. The contestants have to stick their heads into cases filled with various objects and grab a plastic ring with their mouths. Bob keeps shouting, "Hay! It's hay! It's hay!" and while we're happy that he found his voice, that's not the object of the's also not hay, but mini Christmas trees. Neil is thoroughly grossed out by the objects in the first case - little fuzzy ducklings look cute, but in the dark, all you get is their barnyard smell. Aubrey psychs herself up to WIN THIS TELEVISION SHOW, dangit! But the rings elude her grasp. Erin makes a valiant effort, but winds up coming in a close second to Neil. No one can really be too mad that Doctors Without Borders got another $5,000 - at least not out loud.


Erin is now on the warpath to win this challenge and earn $5,000 for Lungevity, so she puts her game feet on and prepares to walk through various unknown substances to a series of buzzers faster than anyone else in the game. She makes it through the jello without incident, but the oils in the potato chips (which apparently cut and scratch - note to self!) make her fall on her ass. Neil has a crazy strategy where he just pulls himself through with the guide rope - no walking necessary! - and when each contestant reaches the oatmeal, well...they think they're stepping in poop. Gross. And exactly as we planned it, muahahahaha! Erin's mind was stronger than the matter she had to walk through, and she wins the final challenge and $5,000 for Lungevity! She jumps for joy and the other players congratulate her for beating Neil - er, doing a good job. But Syfy isn't a stingy miser - we'll make a donation to all of the charities. They deserve it.

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