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Touch, Sniff & Transfer/Good With Your Hands, Good With Your Nose
Season 1 - Episode 2
Touch, Sniff & Transfer/Good With Your Hands, Good With Your Nose
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The first four contestants vying for the $5,000 prize in tonight's challenges are:

Rob - A male, 32 year-old pre-med student
Eddie - A male, 41 year-old manager
Michael - A male, 31 year-old circus aerialist
Ingrid - A female, 34 year-old waitress

Challenge 1 - The Tanks

The competitors must reach into four tanks containing rats, a knit hat, a boa constrictor and a (live) human head, using only their sense of touch to identify them. Rob has trouble figuring out the rats, guessing "turtle," "worm," "ferret"...Michael can't even reach his hand in the tank. Ingrid does okay, overcoming her fear and guessing correctly on all four. Michael is eliminated this round.

Challenge 2 - Your Nose Knows

The remaining three contestants are returned, one by one, into the darkness, this time to identify four smells. Everyone has a hard time with the first - shoe polish - and Eddie almost gags after smelling the second - bleu cheese. Socks are also a little tough to identify, and Rob guesses "butter" when he should've said "butt" for the final smell (yes, they had to sniff a guy's butt), but eventually all the contestants figure that one out. Eddie and Ingrid tie for last place, so they have a toss for whose spot has the black hole under it. Eddie, winning a backstage toss, gets to choose which hole to jump through. He chooses his own, and falls through the black hole beneath it.

Challenge 3 - Walking in a Spider Web

Jaleel tells Rob and Ingrid that they'll have to walk through an obstacle course, carrying a spider at the end of a long pole the whole time. But really, Jaleel replaces the spider with a cute little toy. It's neck and neck, but Ingrid makes it through her course seconds before Rob, so she takes home the prize!

The next group is just as in the dark about what will happen to them as the first group was.

Cindre - A female, 34 year-old insurance adjuster
Rick - A male, 49 year-old pastor
Tony - A male, 28 year-old office coordinator
Brooke - A female, 22 year-old server

Challenge 1 - The Food Chain

The contestants must reach into cages and touch whatever's in there to figure out what it is. After they guess, they have to rearrange the cages in the order of who eats what. Cindre and Rick, after guessing that a human woman was either a bear or a lion, correctly guess all three. Brooke gets two right, but Tony strikes out on all counts - rat, snake, turkey, and human. He goes down the chute and out of the competition.

Challenge 2 - The Breathalyzer

The remaining contestants have to identify four smells, but this time, they'll take their olfactory cues from the breath of someone who just ate the food. Rick can't stop guessing "baloney," but still manages to guess one smell right in less time than Cindre's one right guess. Since Brooke gets two guesses right, Cindre goes home.

Challenge 3 - The Rat Race

Brooke and Rick are timed separately as they enter a maze, attempt to find the two pieces of cheese therein, and get out as fast as possible. The challenge is ramped up by the fact that the mazes are full of rats and decoys. Brooke gets two pieces of something and scoots her way out, but when she clears the maze, it's not cheese she's holding. She has to go back in and find the cheese, but she can't manage to do it in less time than Rick, so that makes him the victor.

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