Total BlackoutEpisodes

Lick, Limbo, Lather and Repeat
Season 1 - Episode 3
Lick, Limbo, Lather and Repeat

This week brings a fresh bath of victims… er, contestants – to face their fears in total darkness.

Cliff – A male, 21 year-old student

Chellena – A female, 42 year-old music director

Justin – A male, 24 year-old bank teller

Irina – A female, 24 year-old mom

Challenge 1 – Blind Taste Test

Using only their mouths, the contestants must identify four items. Jaleel urges them to use their tongues, but Irina squeals any time she opens her mouth. Still, she does surprisingly well, correctly guessing 3 items and making her 10-year-old son proud. Cliff earned a perfect score – could his years in a frat have prepared him to identify a toilet seat with his mouth? Justin didn't identify any of the objects – human ear, human toe, toilet seat, cow tongue – correctly, so he gets the chute.

Challenge 2 – Electric Limbo

The remaining three contestants are sent back to black to limbo down a narrow strip – which, of course, they can't see – without getting too high up or scooting out of bounds. If they do, they're told, they'll be zapped by a jolt of electricity. Really, it's just a sound effect. Cliff breezes through with a time of 1:02 (did they have limbo contests in his frat, too?) while Chellena scrapes by in 1:20. Irina was just seconds later that Chellena at 1:26, so she is eliminated this round.

Challenge 3 – Bathtime's So Much Fun

The final two are informed that they will be sitting in a tank of cold water, where they will have to identify three things dumped on their bodies. Chellena gets one after the other on the first guess – live fish, a huge mop, and an octopus – in two minutes and 26 seconds. Cliff uses his inductive reasoning to make speedy guesses, and is sure the $5,000 prize is his, but when they jump on their boxes, he goes under. Chellena does a victory lap around the room, overjoyed at having come through this ordeal a winner.

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