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Fear Is Served
Season 1 - Episode 105
Fear Is Served
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Another round of adventurous spirits lines up for a chance to face their fears and win $5000.

Marie - Female, 23 years old, Communications Manager
Paris - Male, 25 years old, Timeshare Sales
Spencer - Male, 40 years old, Health Consultant
Sophia - Female, 21 years old, Student

CHALLENGE 1 - Feed the Beast
With a metal glove strapped to their hands, the contestants must seek through four cages, each containing its own animal, to see which one will be eating the slab of meat strapped to one palm. And the terrors that they face in the utter darkness are a bunny, a fake alligator, a vegetarian human, and a cute little doggy. Paris is eliminated with a time of 9:12 - roughly four minutes longer than Marie's time.

CHALLENGE 2 - Weight, Don't See
The contestants step into the inky chamber where, using only their hands, they must guess the weight of four unknown objects. Very quickly, Marie locates a bellybutton on the first one, enabling her to identify it as a human. She moves on to the next spot, deducing that a sporty woman stands in front of her. Next is a muscle-bound hulk - oh, did we mention all of these people are wearing nothing but their skivvies? Finally, it's a stocky gentleman, whom Marie notes could use some manscaping.

Marie came within 10 pounds for all of her guesses, but Sophia didn't do so well. She guessed that the first item was a cow's stomach and rated it at 85 pounds, when it was, in fact, a 200-plus pound sumo wrestler. Her total is 245 pounds off the mark, so she drops through the floor.

CHALLENGE 3 - Arachnophobia
Marie and Spencer have a few minutes to wend their way through a maze of cobwebs, picking up as many fake spiders as they can and avoiding the two, real tarantulas in there with them. In a classic TBO twist, the real spiders are there - but they're locked safely in tanks. Both contestants have their coping mechanisms: Marie thinks of her grandfather while Spencer hoots and hollers and just stuffs as much webbing as he can into his net, hoping that the spiders make it in there, too! Looks like his crazy strategy pays off, since he got 33 spiders to Marie's 11, meaning he also got $5000!

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