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Jump Around
Season 1 - Episode 6
Jump Around
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It's anybody's game as four new contestants join the ranks of citizens willing to freak out for five thousand dollars.

BLAIZ - Female, 18 years old, student
SHEREESE - Female, 36 years old, student
CHUCK - Male, 32 years old, audio technician
JULIAN - 28 years old, unemployed

Using only their sense of timing, the contestants must jump over an automated stick that is shooting right for their shins. Everyone gets whacked the first time through, but Chuck manages to keep a smooth, even rhythm and keep his whacks to one. Blaiz and Julian also do well, with only 3 whacks apiece, but Shereese can't seem to find the right pace. She doesn't jump over the stick even once, so her next jump is down the chute.

Sitting in a tub of cold water, the contestants must correctly identify three items that are dumped on them. Julian freaks out more and more with each new item until eventually he holds himself suspended above the tank! He finally gets back in, but his fear has cost him this challenge. He goes down the hole while Chuck and Blaiz advance.

Using their sense of touch, Blaiz and Chuck must identify four items in tanks in front of them. Blaiz's fear gets the better of her when she has to touch the tarantula, but she regains a little composure and identifies the feather duster, lizard, and human hand in good time. Chuck, however, didn't miss a beat, so he's going home with the big prize.

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