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All-Star Blackout
Season 2 - Episode 10
All-Star Blackout
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It's a Total Blackout like you've never seen before, except you've totally seen some of it before, because in this edition of All-Star Total Blackout, we're bringing back some of our favorite contestants for a second chance to win $5,000.

ADAM - Male, 34 years old, Barber Shop Attendant
     BEST KNOWN FOR: Crawling head-first into a tub of wet cereal

AWET - Female, 37 years old, Administrator
     BEST KNOWN FOR: Shaking like a wind-up toy while speaking gibberish

EDDIE - Male, 41 years old
     BEST KNOWN FOR: Sniffing a** and saying "I know this one."

DAVID - Male, 48 years old
     BEST KNOWN FOR: Completely losing his ish in a tub full of artichokes

Last time we saw David in the dark with animals, he went head-to-head with an alligator, so he's freaked out that the sequel will be a doozy. And this challenge, guessing the identity of animals in the dark, is bad enough, but when David puts his hand right on the business end of a skunk, he makes it even worse. Awet repeats her performance of spouting gibberish, and Eddie has a seat next to a critter only to fall off the seat and onto his ass. When the moment of truth arrives, everyone guessed all four correctly, except for Awet - her fear only let her guess one right - so she goes home.

Adam, who is here to win the prize money so he can afford an engagement ring for his girlfriend, says he'll put up with anything to win, but maybe when he said that he didn't know that we'd be strapping a big, clear helmet to his head and dumping mystery objects in there for him to identify. He takes it on, though, and even boldly eats the first item - lucky for all of us, it was peas. Since baby ducklings were the second item, the players get a new helmet for the third item - snakes - and everyone probably needs new underwear after that one. David guesses only two of the four items, and his All Star dreams go down the hole with him.

In a Total Blackout first, Eddie and Adam are strapped into a harness with their hands secured behind their backs and lifted into the air. Then they're lowered into four vats of substances, their whole bodies parallel with the floor, and their faces their only tools for guessing. Adam reuses his tactic from earlier and tastes the second item - mashed potatoes - but that only makes him wish for gravy. By the final item - cat litter - both players realize that tasting is not such a good idea, but at least the ordeal is over. When they meet with Jaleel on the judging stage, Adam's face shows how badly he wants to win, and when they make the jump and Eddie goes under, tears of joy spring into Adam's eyes - he's getting married! Total Blackout: Making dreams come true since 2012.

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