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Parental Blackout
Season 2 - Episode 11
Parental Blackout
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This week, mothers and their children team up to vie for the $5,000 prize.

ASHANNA & ANGIE - 24 years old and 50-ish, Daughter/Mother
MARISOL & LOURDES - 30 years old and 52 years old, Daughter/Mother
DESTINY & JENNIFER - 21 years old and 41 years old, Daughter/Mother
DEON & GILLIAN - 22 years old and 53 years old, Son/Mother

In total darkness, the contestants must correctly guess the weight of four mystery objects. Lourdes gets up-close and personal with the sumo wrestler when she cops a feel on his chest, and Gillian is so impressed by the female body builder, she wants her card! Nobody wants to be friends with the giant snake,'s lonely being a snake. Destiny and Jennifer were the farthest off with their weight estimation, so they take the big plunge down the dark hole of oblivion.

It's an amped-up version of that classic challenge, Four Tanks, where the contestants must correctly identify the objects in glass tanks in front of them. Gillian goes for it with her usual gusto, but when she gets to the peeled tomatoes, her best guess is "juicy juice balls"! Well, that's one interpretation… In the darkness, everything from wigs to pom poms can gross you out, but Angie and Ashanna guess all six correctly. Lourdes and Marisol are eliminated, and the two remaining teams proceed to their toughest challenge yet…

OK, Deon, when corn flakes were dumped into the bubble helmet on your head, you got it quickly, but what will you do when cockroaches are dumped on those flakes? Keep your cool and guess correctly again? Yep, we thought so. Deon's mom, Gillian, has an easy time with "wigs", but the mice that follow are far tougher, and she leaves her son wiggling in agony while she attempts to figure out what the &#!! is on her face. Ashanna and Angie hold a razor focus and guess all of the things in a flash. When they jump on to the platform and discover they're left standing, they dance and holler and wrap Jaleel up in a bear hug.

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