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All Bark, No Bite
Season 2 - Episode 12
All Bark, No Bite
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It's girls against boy in this week's competition for the big prize.

NOELLE - Female, 21 years old, Server
ALLISHIA - Female, 25 years old, Aerialist
MATT - Male, 24 years old, Marketing
ALEXIS - Female, 21 years old, Waitress


Get your head in the game by getting your head in the plastic cube full of mystery materials! Matt goes into the challenge thinking that his experience in the military will help him through it, but no one ever made him stick his face in a box full of live guinea pigs to retrieve a plastic ring with his mouth. The cobwebs really freak him out with their smell - "rotten eggs and dirty fur," huh? Allishia the Aerialist loses it in the cobweb box, too, and her fear makes her slow. With a time of 3:58, she goes down the deep, dark hole.


So you get the head challenge, now it's time for your forearm to be strapped down while weird creepy-crawlies are poured on top of you and you have to guess what they are. At Total Blackout, we gross out ALL your body parts. First comes bananas, then crabs, then - a paintbrush? Whatever, at least it's not cockroaches! Oh wait, the next item is cockroaches. Wouldn't be a challenge without cockroaches! Noelle freaks out about being strapped down, but it's Alexis who can't guess what's slip-sliding all over her skin, and she is the next to go home.


Matt and Noelle, the final two contestants, will each have a turn in a maze of our most diabolical design. While crawling on their hands and knees, they'll have to steal three bones from three snarling dogs. Two of the dogs are harmless and the third, an attack dog, is safely contained with cage and trainer. But they don't have to know that, right? Right. It's neck and neck for most of the race, but Matt did plenty of crawling in basic training, and he pulls ahead to win the prize! We salute you, soldier!

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