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Lick It Before You Pick It
Season 2 - Episode 13
Lick It Before You Pick It
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Two heads are better than one on this Pairs Edition of Total Blackout!

TAYLOR & STEPHANIE – 21 and 22 years old, Best Friends
TALBOTT & SUSAN – Each 39 years old, Friends
ERIC & TIA – 21 and 22 years old, Siblings
RISE & ROXANNE – 52 and 21, Mother and Daughter


Wearing straight jackets, the teams will have to identify six items using only their tongues! First comes a stuffed squirrel, then a coconut, a dog bone… the usual items you lick in total darkness...but then comes an inflated rubber glove. Rise thinks it's a penis! Come on, Rise, we pull some crazy tricks, but we're not THAT nasty. Talbott guesses right off. "I'm good with rubbers," he boasts, and that specialty skill comes in handy, because he and Susan make it to the next round! Rise and her daughter, Roxanne, were not so apt, and they say goodbye as they scream down the hole.


It's time for a blackout fake-out, where the remaining teams enter the darkness to guess the height of four items, bent and folded in just the right way to confuse and confound. Taylor and Stephanie have a good bit of bickering over various heights, especially when it comes to the man on stilts, while Talbott and Susan are stumped by the inflatable waving man - you know, like you see at used car dealers? Except they can't see it. Siblings Tia and Eric work well together, but not well enough! They guess 7" over the cumulative height of the things in the dark, meaning they go home.


Hope the final four aren't afraid of heights, because you're going twenty feet up for this next challenge! High in the air, the contestants will have to tiptoe their way across a platform that they think is full of holes – but that we know is totally solid. Talbott and Susan make it through with minimum drama, but it's Taylor and Stephanie, cheering each other on and sometimes downright ordering each other around who take home the prize! Looks like "best friends" trumps "friends", after all!

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