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Cold Feet
Season 2 - Episode 14
Cold Feet
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With two times the competitors, it's two times the screams on this team edition of Total Blackout.

ERICA & FREDO - 34 and 33 years old, Siblings
LARA & AMBER - Both 24 years old, Best Friends
TYRONE & RYAN - 44 and 40 years old, Co-Workers
BERNADETTE & KENT - 21 and 30 years old, Best Friends


It's the old "Pass the Buck," except this time it's not a buck or even a duck the teams are handing from one friend to another, it's a chicken, a lizard, a mop head, a hairbrush, and a squeak toy. Tyrone and Ryan are firefighters and are used to being in stressful situations where they can't see, but even so, they wind up in the bottom half when it comes time for elimination! They step forward to two platforms, but it's Amber and Lara who fall down the hole for round one.


Ready for lunch? We hope so, because we arranged a bunch of edibles on people's feet for you to identify by taste. Poor Bernadette gags on her first test - mustard - but guesses it and powers through. Fredo, meanwhile, has the taste buds of a chef, and whizzes through his toenail treats. Tyrone and Ryan get a little slowed down when everything tastes to them like feet (hm, wonder why?), but they come out on top with the best time and five out of six guesses correct. The other teams also guessed five out of six, but Fredo and Erica did it three minutes faster than Bernadette and Kent. Bye, guys!


In a tight maze shaped like an X, the teams have to gather as many eggs as they can and drop them in their baskets without breaking them, and without further angering the birds in the maze. Yep, those sure are some angry… pigeons. Erica has been coaching Fredo through his fear of the dark the whole time, but this challenge gets her good! She can't bring herself to leave her safe corner by the basket, so Fredo does the exploring and delivers them to her. The firefighters feel totally comfortable in confined, dark spaces, but when the pigeons get friendly with Tyrone, he's not friendly back! His roughness may have cost the team, because when it comes time to jump, brother and sister beat firefighters by four eggs! Looks like Fredo IS smart, and he gets respect (and $5,000). Bet he's never heard that joke before.

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