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Count 'em, Lick 'em, Face 'em
Season 2 - Episode 15
Count 'em, Lick 'em, Face 'em
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What do you get when you put an adrenaline junky, a military wife, a country boy, and a mother of two in a dark room and tell them to compete for $5000? Total Blackout!

DEBBIE – Female, 53 years old, Military Wife
JOSH – Male, 24 years old, Box Store Owner
BUNNIE – Female, 32 years old, Recent College Grad
HD – Male, 24 years old, Waiter


We're turning over a new leaf here at the show - instead of making people identify weird objects, we're just making them count them! Nice, right? Sure, one of the items is tarantulas, and one smells like an old barn, and one feels like whale sperm (according to HD), but the other item is just wigs! Whoever guesses farthest from the actual number of items will go home. It's a tight race, but in the end, Bunnie goes down the hole. Bye bye, Bunnie!


Guess what? We're back to our old ways. Yay! The contestants will now have to lick food items off of various parts of people's bodies. And the best part? We're not going to tell them WHERE the food is! Could be cream cheese on the belly, could be mustard on the ear. When Debbie reaches the large gentleman, she can't find the food and goes looking in all sorts of x-rated places! All's fair on this show, especially since we don't let them use their hands to find the thing. But wouldn't you know it, it's not the fat guy with jelly on his chest but the thin woman with guacamole in her armpit that is Debbie's undoing. You fought bravely, soldier!


A classic challenge! Josh and HD face their final task when we put bubble helmets on them, then fill the helmets with weird things and make them guess what they are. Rubber bands go pretty smoothly, and when HD has mice on his head, he freaks out - but he kinda likes it! Josh guesses raw hamburger meat a little too quickly (you're supposed to cook it before you eat it, man!) and is none too pleased when a tub of worms gets tossed on top of that. Both dudes guess as many creepy-crawly things as they can think of, but Josh comes through with the right answer to all four, and wins the prize!

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