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Creatures of Darkness
Season 2 - Episode 2
Creatures of Darkness
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SIMEON – Male, 26 years old, Barista
CANDICE – Female, 24 years old, Marketing
RYAN – Male, 22 years old, Surf Instructor
KYM – Female, 46 years old, Student


 In as little time as possible, each contestant must guess the heights of four creatures. What they don't know is that these creatures are humans who twisted themselves into tangled yoga poses. Ryan and Kym have the closest guesses, and since Candice and Simeon tie, either one could be going home. Jaleel tells them that one of their squares will lead down the dark chute, but they don't know which is which. Simeon won the backstage tossup, so he gets to choose whether to stay in front of his square or switch, and his choice to stay is a good one, since Candice jumps on her square and is plunged into darkness.


In the utter darkness are two tanks full of mystery objects. But, Jaleel warns, hold on to the objects with both hands as you take them from one tank to another, since they might try to escape. Simeon, who has a fiery fear of snakes, finds himself touching one as soon as he starts the challenge, but manages to get it all the way to the other tank. The other objects are not so creepy in the light, but when Kym feels the cauliflower in the dark, she thinks it's a brain! That may have been her undoing, for she is the next to be eliminated.


Given just a few minutes, Ryan and Simeon must navigate a maze in total darkness, collecting as many eggs as they can while not angering the creatures that laid them. Any broken eggs don't count toward their total. Ryan scuttles in a crouch through the knee-high maze, determined to win the money so he can buy an engagement ring for his lady, but when he gets disoriented and can't find his way out, he fears he may lose the whole thing. Simeon bumps into the same problem, and, in the dark, it seems they are in a dead heat. They return to the elimination room and Ryan, with 14 eggs to Simeon's 9, has won the contest! He literally jumps for joy as Jaleel congratulates him.

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