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Love Is Blind
Season 2 - Episode 9
Love Is Blind
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This week's contestants will do anything for love in this special couples' edition of Total Blackout.

DAWN & OZY - Female, 26 years old, and male, 28 years old, Dating
ALEX & SHELLEY - Male, 30 years old, and female, 28 years old, Exes
CHERYL & NATHANAEL - Female, 23 years old, and male, 29 years old, Dating
CATRINA & CASSANDRA - Female, 23 years old, and female, 24 years old, Dating


Taking turns, our heroes must correctly guess the flavors of donuts in the dark. Pumpkin turns out to be a real puzzle, but Shelley correctly guesses sand so quickly, you'd think she made it the fifth major food group. And we think Dawn must be eating a lot of sushi, because she guessed the fish egg donut in no time flat. There isn't a glass of milk big enough to wash away that challenge...Alex & Shelley and Dawn & Ozy are safe, so the other teams line up. At the end of the jump, Cassandra & Caitlin are left standing.


When you have to identify mystery objects in the dark, strange things can happen, but we're pretty sure those rubber duckies didn't jump, as Alex claims. Ozy and Dawn breeze through so fast that Dawn has time to chide her boyfriend for not recognizing the feather boa, a regular player in their home life. Alex and Shelley don't do so well, and they go down the black hole.


The two remaining couples re-enter the dungeon to maneuver their way across a narrow plank ten feet off the ground. When they reach the center, they have to switch places and go back the other way. What they don't know is that a safety platform is there to catch them, mere inches underneath the plank. Both teams talk to, shout at, and scooch each other to the finish line, with Cassandra and Caitlin performing a rotating bear hug in the center that's as graceful as an ice dance routine. Looks like their love of winter Olympics pays off, because they come in with about a minute's lead over Dawn and Ozy, and win the big prize!

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