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Three Blind Mice!
Season 2 - Episode 4
Three Blind Mice!
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A fresh batch of victims lines up for our viewing pleasure and a chance at $5000.

DEBORAH - Female, 24 years old, Store Clerk
ADAM - Male, 34 years old, Barber Shop Attendant
JOHARI - Female, 41 years old, Merchandise Representative
DANIEL - Male, 27 years old, Makeup Artist

When the contestants are plunged into darkness and ordered to identify four different objects using only their hands, there’s no doubt that the game is afoot. Even flowers - the first mystery object - can be terrifying when you can’t see a thing. Daniel relies on his memories of growing up on a farm to correctly identify a baby goat in record time. Johari, who figured that she’d seen it all as a mom, gets eliminated first for failing to identify cotton candy.

Jaleel ramps up the challenge when he tells the remaining contestants they’ll have to retrieve four rings from four tanks of mystery substances - using only their mouths. Deborah, who claimed to be a girly girl, gets overzealous and accidentally lifts a live fish out of one of the tanks. After that, dipping her head into a tub full of cereal and water (the next tank), is no big deal. This time, Adam got caught up in the wigs and motorized toys, and he is eliminated.

Daniel and Deborah go head to head in the final challenge. On their own, they must walk barefoot through a maze of mousetraps. They gingerly scooch through the narrow path, but each time they tap a trap, it catapults into more until there’s a symphony of traps exploding together. Daniel seems to be making good time, but at the very end, traps explode in his path, disorienting him. Deborah squeals all the way to the finish line, but at the end, she is the winner! This time, she screams with joy at having won $5,000.

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