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Broken Glass & Hot Coals
Season 2 - Episode 5
Broken Glass & Hot Coals

This week, Total Blackout is serving up teams of two to take the big prize.

MORIAH AND MARK - A couple, 28 and 23 years old
JUHAHN AND JENNAH - A couple, 26 and 24 years old
LAUREN AND LAUREN - Best Friends, both 26 years old
DONNELL AND DERRITH - Best Friends, 36 and 41 years old


The contestants must take turns guessing what - or who - occupies four separate tanks. In total darkness, even the fur hat in tank #1 feels like something sinister, as Jennah discovers - she can't reach in until Juhahn smooshes his cheek against hers! Good thing she doesn't have to i.d. the tarantulas in the next tank...the birthday cake is tough to, well, put a finger on, but the oinks of the cute little piglet in the final tank are a sure giveaway. Jennah and Juhahn don't manage to make any correct guesses, so away they go down the deep, dark holes.


When Jaleel says the contestants are going to be walking barefoot over potentially dangerous objects, we at home know he's talking not so much about danger and much more about yuck. That's certainly the case when the teams enter the arena to walk as quickly as they can across Christmas lights, Jell-O, and eggshells. Jaleel makes them take a big whiff of the final item, and the stink is so bad that Donnell and Derrith, the big muscle-y guys from Oakland, have to tiptoe through it! Their grossout factor was the highest and their time was the slowest, so they are eliminated.


The remaining two teams have to feel around in coffins for mousetraps, but the mousetraps aren't the only things in there! One has chickens, another rats, another a naked man, oh, and some hairballs. Moriah freaks out when she thinks a reptile or spiders might be in one coffin, but when she finds out they're rats, she powers through. Everybody's got their Lauren motivates (or in this case, manhandles) the other to get the traps out of the coffins, and the tough love strategy works! They get 40 traps and win $5,000!

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