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Tub of Terror
Season 2 - Episode 6
Tub of Terror

We've got four players up at bat for this episode of Total Blackout

T'QUAN - A 26 year old dance instructor from OhioT'Quan - 26 from Ohio dance instructor
KEEGAN - A 21 year old child behavioral therapist from California
MATTHEW -A 22 year old retail manager from California. 
DAVID - A 48 year old aerospace consultant from California. 


The contenders have to lick the bottom of a boot (DISGUSTING), as well as a microphone, pigs foot, and dentures! Notable highlights include T'Quan, after identifying the pig's foot, declaring that he's going vegan and Matthew whose career in footwell retail apparently translates into him being able to identify shoewear with his tongue. At the end, Keegan took the most time and was eliminated.


The gang had to guess the weight of a number of different objects after identifying them with only their hands. Matthew thought a piano was an animal, T'Quan screamed like a banshee when feeling up a clown, David ended up feeling up a woman ("Those are boobs!")  and everyone lost it when dealing with the alligator (don't worry, it was muzzled). Matthew's guesses ended up being the most off and he was eliminated. 


And now we come to the challenge for which this episode was named - the Tub of Terror. David and T'Quan, separately, had to sit in a tub of water and guess all the things that were dumped in there with them. Despite some harmless things (artichokes, butter) and some things with a pulse (frogs, snakes), the real star of this challenge was T'Quan whose scream should get him cast in a slasher flick. Maybe it's his lucky charm, but his guesses were the most accurate and he ended up winning $5,000!

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