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Sibling Scare
Season 2 - Episode 7
Sibling Scare

It’s double trouble this week when siblings enter the dungeon and compete in some of the grossest, scariest challenges on television.

ERIN & LESLIE – Identical twins, 32 years old
SAMUEL & SIMEON – Brothers, 25 and 29 years old
KENNY & KRIS – Brothers, 23 and 27 years old
SETH & EVAN – Brother, 25 and Sister, 26 years old


Using only their sense of touch (and smell, if they’re adventurous), the siblings will have to guess the ages of four different creatures. But the Total Blackout game masters have some tricks up their sleeves, like a woman who’s about 3½ feet tall in her thirties, a cactus (good luck with that one!), and a turtle – EVERYONE thinks the turtle is around 100, when really, it’s only 12! Kenny and Kris had a cumulative estimate of 216 years, about a hundred years too much, so they are the first of many to leave the game.


Ah, yes, the game that everyone knows and loves! (At least, when we’re not playing it!) The remaining siblings use their hands to identify objects in four tanks, and Evan and Seth, who are both deathly afraid of snakes, realize quickly that their worst fear is right in front of them. Looks like Evan’s fear was an asset, because she knows what that thing is right off, and they move to the next mystery objects. The scorpions prove a little trickier, but in the end, Evan and Seth i.d. all four, while Simeon and Sam guess only two, and so go down the hole.


For the final round, the teams will take turns tasting different fillings of donuts. Seth says his food phobias include garlic, mayonnaise, and mustard – must be tough making a sandwich! – and just his luck, he gets the garlic-filled donut. At least it’s not sardines, like his sister got. Both teams guessed four “flavors” correctly, making it sort of a tie, but one team finished 13 seconds sooner. They jump onto the platforms, and when you blink, Evan and Seth are still there! They do a victory dance with Jaleel to celebrate their win.

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