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Heavy Petting Zoo
Season 2 - Episode 8
Heavy Petting Zoo
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This week's contestants face a fresh set of horrors in the race for the grand prize.

JULIE - Female, 24 years old, Grad Student
BRIAN - Male, 23 years old, English Teacher
CHRISTOPHER - Male, 37 years old, Baggage Handler
UCEDRAH - Female, 35 years old, Bus Driver


Jaleel tells the contestants they'll have to identify four dangerous animals in the dark, but really, all the animals are harmless. You wouldn't know it from Brian's screams, though, which sound like a 9-year-old just saw the bogeyman. He manages to i.d. the big, bad sheep, though, and even the camel, but (and it's a big but) goes to Ucedrah who identifies the pig when it crashes into her - you guessed it - butt. Unfortunately, Ucedrah's talents were limited - she had the fewest correct guesses, so she goes home.


Whether you're scared of small spaces or being confined, this challenge will freak you out. The contestants have one arm strapped down in a small box and must identify the objects being poured on their arms. Whether it's cotton balls, mice, or salami, Christopher always thinks it's worms. His obsession earns him no correct guesses, leaving Brian and Julie to duke it out in the final round.


It's another fakeout when Jaleel tells Brian and Julie that their next challenge will be to walk through tubs of broken glass, lobsters, and hot coals as fast as they can, with a rope as their only guide. What they don't know is that the tubs are actually filled with potato chips, bath toys, and dinner rolls. Rarely has TBO seen such fierce competition - Julie and Brian are both focused champions with a taste for winning, and they speed through the tanks light lightning - invisible lightning. But there can be only one winner, and with a ten second lead, Brian is this week's champion.

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