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Season 4
Season 4

In His Image
A scientific genius creates an almost-perfect mechanical man, combining all the qualities he feels are missing in his own imperfect, human self.

The Thirty-Fathom Grave
Sounds heard from a submarine sunk 20 years before haunt the man who believes himself responsible for the sinking.

Valley of the Shadow
A reporter comes upon a peaceful village that guards the secret of creating and obliterating matter. Once he learns the secret, it takes another miracle to release him from the responsibility of the knowledge.

He's Alive
The ghost of Adolf Hitler inspires a young American hatemonger to achieve a short-lived success.

Experimenting with the powers of telepathy, a mother and father try to raise their daughter in a world free of verbal communication.

Death Ship
Facing odd circumstances on another planet, an astronaut refuses to admit that he and his crew may be dead.

A girl strikes a deadly bargain with a witch to ensure the attention of a young man.

Charley Parkes, a shy bachelor, falls in love with a tiny, beautiful museum doll who he believes is alive.

Printer's Devil
A newspaper editor who is facing bankruptcy hires a man who claims to be the Devil.

No Time Like the Past
A time traveler attempts to alter history by trying to warn the people of Hiroshima, assassinate Hitler and persuade the captain of the Lusitania to change course.

The Parallel
An orbiting astronaut passes into a strange parallel world.

I Dream of Genie
A mild-mannered clerk finds Aladdin's lamp but decides that using his one wish for wealth, power or the girl of his dreams would be a waste of the lamp's power.

The New Exhibit
A wax museum's custodian takes in the discarded effigies of famous murderers.

Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
A ruthless captain of industry strikes a deal with the Devil and goes back in time to the life he remembers as a young man.

The Incredible World of Horace Ford
A toy manufacturer recalls his youth with such longing that he becomes a boy again.

On Thursday We Leave for Home
The leader of an expedition to a remote asteroid cannot bring himself to face the dissipation of his authority that returning to Earth would bring.

Passage on the Lady Anne
An unhappily married couple on a last-attempt cruise to save their marriage find themselves on an old ship filled with even older couples and an ageless secret.

The Bard
A hack TV writer conjures up William Shakespeare to act as his collaborator, but his network bosses have their own ideas about what makes for "great television.

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