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Season One
Season 1 - Episode 101
Season One

Episode 101 - Mixed Up in Crime
Which is the real deal:  The junkie who survives getting shot, the businessman who wakes up with a kidney missing, or the gang leader executed on his own orders?

Episode 102 - It Seemed Like a Clever Idea
Can you spot the truth?  Is it the Santa caught in the chimney, the poodle dried in the microwave or the man who designed his own ingenious flying machine?

Episode 103 - No Excuses For Stupidity
Do you which story is real?  Is it the streakers left out in the cold, the hippies whose drug trip takes a blinding turn or the hunting dog that retrieves a lit stick of dynamite?

Episode 104 - Fickle Finger of Fate
Can you separate fact from fiction?  Is it the scuba diver found in the forest, the romantic evening that ends abruptly or the soldier who walked around with a broken neck for 60 years?

Episode 105 - What a Way to Go
Which of these stories is true?  Sharpened pencils and teenage angst make for a lethal combination, a woman is turned inside out by a high-powered vacuum toilet, or the stag party that literally takes the groom's breath away?

Episode 106 - The Stuff of Nightmares
Which story is true?  The golfer who dies in a water hazard, the man who surfs the city's underground sewers, or the woman mistakenly locked up in a mental hospital?

Episode 107 - Good and Evil
Which of these stories is true?  The church choir who cheats death by fire, the Italian town with cases of spontaneous combustion, or a hospital bed that kills those who sleep in it?

Episode 108 - Cheating Death
Can you separate fact from fiction?  Is it the soldier whose suicide attempt deals a crushing blow to his superior, the construction worker flattened by a steamroller or the man who saved his life by drinking beer?

Episode 109 - When Animals Think
Fact or fiction?  A harmless fish-swallowing prank ends up as no laughing matter, a cat and its owner are linked in sickness and in health, or the cat up a tree that needs rescuing from its rescuers?

Episode 110 - Neighbors
Can you separate fact from fiction?  A worthless painting turns out to be a masterpiece, guests at a dinner fear being poisoned when a pet mysteriously dies, or a husband who, in a misguided attempt to save his marriage by staging his own death, inadvertently kills the neighbor instead?

Episode 111 - Mail Mix Up
Which of these legends is true?  The man who ships himself as cargo to avoid paying airfare, a pudding company's "flawed" campaign that gets busted by a savvy consumer, or the unwanted care package that tells a soldier of his impending divorce?

Episode 112 - Marriage Affairs
Which story is true? The husband blinded by jealousy who discovers revenge and concrete don't mix, a cheating husband who discovers a feathered pet is his greatest enemy or a lottery winner who winds up a loser in life and love?

Episode 113 - The Dark Side
Which of these legends is true? The couple who unknowingly spends a night with a copse, the office worker who dies on the job and no one notices, or the dead relative who gets mixed up with a favorite desert?

Episode 114 - The Human Body
Which of these legends is true?  The woman hit by lightning twice with miraculous results, the male swimmer with a painful parasite or the woman who hatches a bug from her tongue?

Episode 115 - Weird Woundings
Which story is true?  The young man tossed by a tornado, the woman who loses her sight while tanning or an explosion caused by a cow?

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