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Partner: Bigpoint

Projects: Battlestar Galactica Online & MMOGs for Syfy Games Online

In a new venture that will bring the hit television series Battlestar Galactica to life on the screens of gamers everywhere, Syfy Games and Bigpoint have announced the first ever massively multiplayer online game based on the beloved property.

Battlestar Galactica Online is a tactical space combat and adventure game, where gamers can choose to play as cylons or humans. Set for release in late 2010, the game will be available exclusively on for the first 30 days after launch. Battlestar Galactica Online will create a new standard for web games, with beautiful 3D graphics and innovative game mechanics. Assets from the television production will be integrated into the game to deliver an engaging, authentic experience. Visit:

In addition, Syfy and Bigpoint are working together to produce other gaming titles that span across platforms and genres, and represent exciting new additions to the Syfy Games stable. For the latest games powered by Bigpoint, visit

Partner: Trion Worlds

Project: Defiance

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Syfy and game developer Trion Worlds developed Defiance, a new science-fiction franchise that was simultaneously launched as a global television program on Syfy, and a massively multiplayer online shooter from Trion. Syfy and Trion Worlds collaborated on Defiance since its inception to design the storyline, characters, and lore of the new franchise. The game and show influence and depend upon each other, and will evolve together based on the actions of their shared community.

Partner: Skillpod


Syfy and Skillpod operate an online games portal that targets the Syfy audience, which consists largely of core gamers. The site offers premium MMO and multiplayer games that are free to play and require no downloads. Skillpod provides the robust backend technology and Syfy's games team curates the content. Skillpod's technology and staff have quickly enabled to expand its games portfolio, creating a world-class platform that supports quality games from developers around the world.

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