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Syfy Ventures: Syfy Kids

Dedicated to serving the all-important youth market of 2-17 year olds, Syfy Kids brings the wonder and excitement of Syfy's imagination-based entertainment to a whole new generation. Through inventive properties that can be leveraged across multiple platforms (including digital media, on-air programming, video games and consumer products), Syfy Kids stimulates young consumers' imaginations with fantastical worlds, stories and characters in the realms of sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, paranormal, adventure and superhero genres. Visit us at

Current projects include:

Partner: THQ

Project: de Blob

Syfy Kids and THQ Inc., are partnering to bring one of the most acclaimed video game titles of 2008 to life on multiple platforms. de Blob presents the adventures of the lovable yet edgy title character who must save the world from an oppressive monochrome future. Taking on the evil I.N.K.T. Corporation who has declared "Color is a Crime!" and leeched Chroma City of all its beauty and interest, it's up to de Blob and his underdog group of determined Color Revolutionaries to use their unique abilities to color the world back to life and free the citizens from a black and white future. Syfy will initially focus its de Blob development efforts on webisodes, television and consumer products, while THQ will publish new games based on de Blob across multiple gaming platforms. Visit

Syfy Kids and THQ, Inc. are also working together to produce a game based on Syfy's hit reality series Ghost Hunters Academy. The first in a series of games designed to extend Syfy's television franchises to additional platforms, the GHA game will be released on the Nintendo DS, Apple iPhone and iPad platforms, and will feature players competing to become a member of the Ghost Hunters team. The iPhone version will also utilize the device's camera for an augmented reality feature.

Partner: World Wide Biggies

Project: Dr. What

Syfy Kids and World Wide Biggies, the digital entertainment studio headed by family entertainment veteran Albie Hecht, have formed a new strategic partnership in which the two companies will launch an innovative, first-of-its-kind transmedia property entitled Dr. What. Serving as a key foundation for Syfy's newly created Syfy Kids banner, Dr. What combines top quality animation and gaming with Worldwide Biggies' proprietary interactive storytelling technology to create a groundbreaking new format. Visit us at

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