Kevin Kelly: Does Not Compute


As a child, futurist and Founding Editor of Wired, Kevin Kelly, was unimpressed with 1960’s technology, so he grew up to change it. Listen to Kevin's full chat with Adam Savage as part of the Origin Stories podcast series at

Decrypting Krypton - Episode 5
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Discovering Krypton - That "S"
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Discovering Krypton - The Big Reveal
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Discovering Krypton - Inside The Outlands
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Discovering Krypton - Kneel Before Zod
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House of Zod
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Discovering Krypton - In Zod We Trust
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Krypton in the Coming Weeks *SPOILERS*
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Season 1, Episode 6, Sneak Peek
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Season 3, Episode 3, Sneak Peek
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Strange Relations
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