Location #34: 2015


Cole and Cassandra try to stop Ramse from using a 2015 version of the time machine that has just been built. In the process, Cassandra is shot so Cole puts her in the machine to save her. She splinters to...

Magical Mixology: Alice's I Just Need a Sundae
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Magical Mixology: Margo's Hair of the Beast Hangover Cure
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Magical Mixology: Eliot's Signature Cocktail
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Magical Mixology: Penny's Blood and Hands
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Magical Mixology: Quentin's Cold Whiskey
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Magical Mixology: Dean Fogg's Bee N' Key
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Magical Mixology: Kady's Battle Magic
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Magical Mixology: Julia's Revenge Served Cold
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Roger Corman on Mad Max’s Oscar Snub and the Fantastic Four
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Dane DeHaan on Creepy Spas
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Watch: The Magicians Cast Preview Season 2
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Winter Is Here
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