Bart Baker


Self titled but not solo, Chicago-based filmmaker Bart Baker, often collaborates with a stable of creative friend including, but not limited to, Austin Smith, Andrew Krajewski, and Robert Matthews. Bart did however get his start as a one-man-band, in his basement, donning a spacesuit. It was from that moment his life as a YouTube performer was born. Sky rocketing to success, team Bart Baker wants to make the world weirder, one day and one video at a time. While deciding concepts they often ask, "Is that too much?" but the Baker rule is to go beyond that inquiry and make their videos more bizarre. Absurdities and obscurities aside, they are very detail oriented and spend a lot of time on green screen effects to make their videos a step above the rest. The accusations and wildly ludicrous feedback to their original content only fuels the creative fire for Bart Baker. A creative genius, Bart is one of the few artists who can shoot minimally and edit simultaneously offering the quickest turn around for the most current content.


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