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Real Life Movie Trailer
Season 1 - Episode 1
Real Life Movie Trailer

In the premiere episode of Viral Video Showdown, two viral video teams faced off in a battle for the $5,000 prize and epic viral video bragging rights. First up was Zack and Aaron, the plucky SoCal film student duo behind Final Cut King, followed by the army that is Half Day Today, a monstrous 16-person team each with Hollywood industry experience led by Al and Jessica. The teams had to turn an ordinary moment into a ninety-second movie trailer. Each group had two choices to make. First they picked their moments: “first date,” “getting the mail,” or “high school reunion” – as well as genre: horror, post-apocalyptic, or sci-fi.

Final Cut King immediately went for a sci-fi version of getting the mail, producing a special effects-laden but story-lacking trailer for “Going Postal.” Half Day Today’s behemoth team eventually settled on their first date horror film called “Winkyface.” (Think “Saw” meets “50 First Dates.”) While Half Day Today was almost done in by the sheer number of opinions on their team, Final Cut King very nearly didn’t make their final cut, as team member Aaron kept losing unsaved footage throughout editing. Despite the killer effects work Final Cut King brought to the screen, these film students ended up on the cutting room floor as the Hollywood street cred and stellar writing chops championed Half Day Today as this week’s winners.

You can view Half Day Today's video here and Final Cut King's video here. 

While the theme was the mundane, there’s nothing mundane about the highlights from this week’s episode of Viral Video Showdown. Check 'em out!

Top Three Team Member Quotes:
1.    Actor, Final Cut King: “I’m trying to figure out if the itching or burning is worse.”
2.    Actor, in Half Day Today’s video: “We have to go skinny dipping... NOW!”
3.    Editor, Half Day Today: “It's a disappointment that we couldn't go past ninety seconds because we shot so much. It's like cutting babies.”

Top Three Funniest Moments:
1.    Final Cut King’s very professional storyboards: yellow sticky notes stacked on top of each other and carried in the director’s pocket on shoot day.
2.    In Half Day Today’s video, a guy tells his lady friend she’s drinking gas station wine.
3.    The title reveal for Half Day Today’s video, “Winkyface.” Priceless.

Best “Tribute to the Wachowski Brothers” Moment:
Final Cut King’s bullet time suspension shot: edited in just four days and looked like something straight out of “The Matrix.” Whoa.

Things got awkward when... Aaron from Final Cut King cost his team over seven hours of work because his editing program crashed during the overnight render.

Best Judge Quote:
Sandeep, on the wicked close competition between the two teams: “I was hoping there would be a clear loser so I could just rail on them, but there really wasn’t!”

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