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Sports Promo
Season 1 - Episode 2
Sports Promo

In this week's episode of Viral Video Showdown, our teams were faced with the challenge of creating their own sport. Meet These People Comedy, a group of filmmakers who dream of striking it big professionally. They faced off against Slick Gigolo, an up and coming group whose ultimate goal is to take Spielberg down. In addition to creating a ninety-second video featuring their newly made-up sport, their video also had to feature a prop plunger. A sticky challenge, indeed!

Slick Gigolo decided to put a gruesome twist on the idea of dodge ball in their video, "Stab Ball." These People Comedy go for the obvious toilet joke in their video, "Throning." Production had its share of issues for both teams. Slick Gigolo runs into trouble when their camera fails to be a team player on their first day of shooting. Meanwhile, These People Comedy run into location conflicts of Biblical proportions on their first day of filming.  Both teams pull off their videos with Olympian effort when it comes time to show off their videos to the judges.

The judges were joined this week by special guest judge Kevin Nalty, a comedian with over 1,000 YouTube videos and 260 million views. After a long debate about production value versus comedic writing and more importantly, just how well each team followed the rules with the plunger, the judges declared Slick Gigolo's "Stab Ball" the hot new sport on the playground. Just remember: don't try their sport at home, kids!

While it may not exactly be Chariots of Fire, here are the best moments from this week's episode.

Top Three Team Member Quotes:
1.    Slick Gigiolo: "The plunger is not a team player."
2.    Slick Gigolo: "It's a lot like dodge ball... except people are stabbing each other."
3.    These People Comedy: "We got lights. Now all we need is camera and action. I also brought booze."

Top Three Funniest Moments:
1.    When testing out their plunger's suction strength, a team member of Slick Gigolo accidentally shatters their living room coffee table. Oops.
2.    In Slick Gigolo's video, "Stab Ball," a player gets fouled by the ref for his use of a handgun on other players.
3.    When the American sportscaster in These People Comedy's video realizes that the sport of "throning" is really just people "throwing sh-t in a toilet."

Best New Viral Video Sport Tagline:
"Stab Ball: Sack up and play."

Things got awkward when... These People Comedy got into a turf fight with a local church group trying to use the same space where they planned to shoot their video.

Best Judge Quote:
Adam, on These People Comedy's creativity: "You made a sport out of poop! Your sport was about toilet humor and if you're going to go into the bowl, go ALL the way down. "

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