Myka Bering

Joanne Kelly
Myka is a woman born to be a federal agent. Organized and focused, Myka believes in hard work, solid planning and steadfast execution. She never met a meticulously detailed mission outline she didn't like, and her attention to minutiae has led her to status as a rising star in the Secret Service despite a classified "situation" in Denver, Colorado. Needless to say, her by-the-books approach causes conflict with Pete Lattimer's off-the-cuff style.

About Joanne Kelly

Joanne Kelly has found success in both film and television with leading roles in projects such as the series VanishedSlings and ArrowsJeremiah and television movies Heydey!Playing House and Whiskey Echo. Additional projects include the mini-series Diamonds with Judy Davis and James Purefoy for ABC and the  Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit. She was also featured as "Bianca" in The Dresden Files.

Kelly's film credits include the critically acclaimed The Bay of Love and Sorrows, as well as Remembering Phil and Going the Distance. Her theatre credits include Shakespeare by the Sea productions of Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and Measure for Measure; HurlyBurly Theatre Company's Macbeth; Same Plan Co-op's Seven Stories and most recently, Castawayhorse Productions' Oleanna, which she also produced.